Sewing Project

A technical training program at MCV to train highly skilled tailors.

The Sewing Project at Malawi Children’s Village was started over 18 years ago by Nettie Graulich. It began as a program to help train women how to sew and make clothing for the kids to go to school. It has now expanded to provide uniforms for other programs/businesses and making gift items for visitors. This has provided steady income as items were wholesaled to the Malawi Tourist Industry.

The program accepts trainees yearly and as a result very experienced tailors graduate from the program to find good jobs to support their families. The training is free to students and, when possible, the program helps trainee’s families with basic needs such as housing and food support.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected sales and thus the program however it continues with a strong base. Nettie remains optimistic and says ‘Someday soon, we hope people from around the world will once again visit Malawi, the ‘Warm Heart of Africa.’ We want our newest trainees to be ready for full production as times get better.’

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