Conor and Michelle's Wedding Gifts for MCV

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Malawi Children's Village's mission is to enhance the lives of orphans by providing health, social and educational resources in 38 villages along the southwest shore of Lake Malawi. MCV achieve's its mission by providing village-based care. Orphans and other vulnerable children live with their extended family in the villages surrounding MCV while being supported through a variety of programs.

Conor had the privilege to spend a year teaching Maths and serving as Sports Master at MCV's Gracious Secondary School during 2007. (If you missed it you can read Conor's old blog at Conor has served on the MCV board since returning from Malawi, and has been thrilled to watch some of his former high school students complete university and join the workforce in Malawi.

Conor and Michelle hope to visit Malawi and MCV together some day soon.