Special Needs Program

Help transform lives of children with special needs.

The Special Needs Program at Malawi Children’s Village was started 10 years ago and is a huge success!!

The Special Needs Program has three program areas managed by MCV:

  1. Village-Based Care: There are about 100 families being followed at this time.

  2. CP (Cerebral Palsy) Clinic: MCV has a weekly CP Clinic so patients and their families can benefit from great care close to their homes. More than 1,000 visits were made to the clinic this past year.

  3. Equipment/Wheelchair Workshop: Equipment needed for these children is now made through the Vocational Program at MCV. More than 55 wheelchairs, 100 walkers and 200 chairs or standers have been built!

Your donations will allow this program to keep going as well as increase the ability to see more patients!

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    Marcia Wakeland donated $100.
    2 days ago
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    Ann & Phil Meyer donated $250.
    8 days ago
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    carolyn tague donated $51.80.
    9 days ago
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    Judith GREEN donated $51.80.
    12 days ago
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    Deb Ward donated $103.30.
    12 days ago
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    Jennifer Bell donated $500.
    13 days ago
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    Cheryl Surface donated $206.28.
    13 days ago
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    Peter Read donated $77.55.
    13 days ago
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    Anonymous Donor donated $257.78.
    14 days ago
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    Susan McLaughlin donated $170.24.
    16 days ago
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    Anonymous Donor donated $309.27.
    23 days ago
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    Marcia Wakeland

    Donated $100
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    Ann & Phil Meyer

    Donated $250
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    Carolyn Tague

    Donated $51.80
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    Judith Green

    Donated $51.80
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    Deb Ward

    Donated $103.30
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    Jennifer Bell

    Donated $500
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    Cheryl Surface

    Donated $206.28
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    Peter Read

    Donated $77.55
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    Anonymous Donor

    Donated $257.78
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    Susan Mc Laughlin

    Donated $170.24
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    Anonymous Donor

    Donated $309.27