Cyclone Freddy Relief

'We have lost everything because it was only our lives we managed to flee away with the moment the house was collapsing. After that we only managed to find few belongings but the rest were damaged during the incident. We have no hope of starting again’

Malawi has experienced several cyclones over the past few years however this year’s cyclone (Freddy) has brought misery that the nation will never forget. All 39 villages of MCV catchment area have been affected but with varying degree. Some villages have more than a 100 houses demolished while some had only a few houses. The MCV response has been quick and well-coordinated. An initial $10,000 was sent last week and has already been used ($8000 on food supplies, and $2000 on housing supplies).

MCV is ready to build homes and purchase more food. Your donations mean a lot and will go a long ways with MCV’s dedicated staff.